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Definition of Fouta (pronounced foo-tah):


Originally from Tunisia, the Fouta has been around for centuries, its popularity quickly spread throughout countries surrounding the Mediterranean. The Fouta is a piece of intricately patterned cotton or linen fabric, worn by both men and women initially used to wrap around the body while at the Hammam spas.


Our Fouta’s are traditionally made by Tunisian artisans using the finest quality natural cotton. They are tightly woven to become softer and more absorbent with each washing. Fouta’s are widely used today as beach, bath or spa towels, throws, blankets, wraps and shawls.


These versatile pieces are eco-friendly and take up minimal space in your closet, beach bag or suitcase. Fouta’s are perfect, unique gifts for birthdays, house warmings, baby showers, weddings and more!


Fouta care: Machine wash gentle, tumble dry on low.

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