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Hand Carved Tunisian Olive Wood


Our olive wood pieces are hand carved by Tunisian artisans from the wood of centuries old olive trees. In Tunisia the olive tree is protected by government regulation, only trees that no longer bear fruit can be cut down and harvested trees must be replaced. Olive wood is prized for its distinctive swirled - grain patterns and naturally - twisted branches, which create beautifully intricate designs.

We are happy to introduce a touch of Tunisia to your home. Each piece can serve multiple functions. They are handy in the kitchen, or perfect for displaying a multitude of foods or decorative items in the home.

Olive wood is non-porous and does not retain germs, odors or stains. Our wood is all natural, only coated with olive oil - no chemicals or sealants are applied.

These unique pieces are eco-friendly, and Tunisian Touch is fair trade compliant. Olive wood makes a perfect gift for birthdays, house - warmings, weddings, anniversaries or any occasion!


Product care: Hand wash with soap and water, naturally air dry and condition with olive oil, as needed.

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